Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Juried Art Shows

As I talk to people at the shows, I realize there is a lot of confusion about how the shows operate. All of the shows I am in are juried shows, which means there is a promoter who chooses who is going to participate in their shows. Usually this is done by submitting photographs 4-6 months before the show. If you are selected, you are invited to participate and you pay a fee. Most shows have a jury fee, and the Sausalito Art Fair charges $50 just to apply. Needless to say, I will never apply to their show. Some shows charge a flat fee, and some shows charge a smaller flat fee, with a commission on sales (usually 10%) from the show. Usually, the artist self-reports these sales. At a few shows, such as the Saratoga Rotary, all the money from the sales are collected by them, and they take out their commission and send the artist the balance. I like this because I don't have any paperwork to do. I just get to cash a check!

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