Thursday, August 20, 2009

San Francisco ACC Show

I just took a 'busman's holiday' and went to the American Crafts Council show at Fort Mason in the City last Sunday. I guess I am in the right profession, because I still love to go to a show and see all the great craft and art. The ACC show brings in a lot of big names from the east coast, and all over the country, really. Thomas Mann was there HIMSELF, from New Orleans. I had to stop myself from thanking him for his generosity in sharing his business knowledge with the craft community. Of course it would be great to talk to him, but that wasn't why he was there.
My ALL TIME favorite, Biba Schutz from New York was there. I had hoped to buy a small piece of hers, which would still be expensive in my world, but an unexpected bill popped up right before I left, so my Biba piece had to be postponed. I will try to put a link up to her website, if she has one.There also was a hatmaker from Arizona that I have seen in Ornament magazine for years, and a clothing designer as well. I tried on some hats, but couldn't bring myself to even look at the clothes for more than one minute.
I am starting to save for next year.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Truckee Show

We were really lucky with the weather last weekend in Truckee. Wind is usually a problem at all the shows in the Sierras, and last weekend there was NO WIND. This was great! It was a little cold in the early morning, and socks and jackets were an absolute necessity. But mid-day, while it was warm, was pretty darn hospitable.
There were good crowds with lots of out-of-state tourists, and Southern California people. I like this about the Sierra shows. Women from all over the country give me feedback on the jewelry designs.
And, on the way home yesterday I won $80 in a South Lake Tahoe casino!! That was great fun.

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