Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Here is a Christmas Chunky Monkey I did last month. Lots of fun!

Well I am still practically comatose. Fragments of ideas about work are starting to swirl around in my befuddled brain, and I suppose sooner or later they will begin to coagulate into a complete, coherent thought. I am reluctant to go to the studio, as I can only imagine I will sit there in complete confusion.

Next week my husband and I are taking a trip to the Impression Show in San Francisco. We like to stay in the Cow Hollow Motor Lodge, because you can walk out the door of the hotel and you are on the sidewalks of the bustling Marina District, full of restaurants, stores and pubs. For the City, it is a pretty good deal, about $100 with taxes, and there is no charge for parking. I am always hesitant to try to Priceline a hotel in the city, since I have once been charged $35 a night (extra) for parking.

So this is the regular room rate at the Cow Hollow, not a Priceline one. I Pricelined a hotel by the San Francisco airport once, and it was really inexpensive. Then I spent the night wishing for an air filter for the smell, and a Uzi for self protection. Won't do that again.

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