Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Davis, then Clearance Sale

I am still in bed with a bad cold, but I am expecting to be fine in a few days for the Davis Holiday Sale. Then my Clearance Sale is coming up. I am just wondering if I should push back the date a week. These holidays are busy times, but I would really like to have a spectacular offering for this sale. Hard to imagine as I am laying flat on my back coughing my head off. Oh well. Be advised the date may change, now that it is still early enough to do so.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Anniversary Clearance Sale

If you would like to be invited to my December Clearance Sale in Menlo Park, please click on the newsletter link above and add your email address. This invitation will be
by email only!

I wish I could tell you more of what I will have on sale, but I still have two more shows, and really no idea of what will be sold there. I am going to do a sweep through my studio, so things will be at the sale that I havn't had at previous shows. Sign up for the newsletter, and I may be able to post a few pictures of what's on sale prior to the event.

Sacramento's Crocker Art Museum Holiday Craft Show

This Thanksgiving, after you've eaten all you possibly can, walk off those calories at the Crocker Art Museum Holiday Craft Fair! It starts the Friday after Thanksgiving and continues on Saturday and Sunday, November 25-27. For several years now it has been at the Scottish Rite Center on H Street, with lots of parking. There is a link to a map on the right of my blog page if that will help you get there.
This year I am focusing on giftable pieces under $100. I will bring all the work I have, so if you've seen something in my newsletter that is still available, it will be at the show, but I may not have it displayed. If you are looking for one of my signature pieces in certain colors, please email ASAP so I can make sure I have something for you to see.
My booth is #145, in the Main Auditorium right in front of the stage, which is really the back of the room as you enter from the front.
There is food here, too, just in case you get hungry after all the Thanksgiving feasting!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Every Industry Has It's Scoundrels

You may have heard artists talk about, in a disparaging way, "Buy & Sell". This refers to merchandise that is purchased, as is, from wholesale vendors for the purpose of resale. This is not a crime of course, but for craftspeople and artisans who make their own work, it feels criminal when these merchants pass off this work as their own so they may have access to the Art & Craft show buyers.
The Craft Show Lore goes that vendors have been seen unloading boxes clearly marked "made in China" at some craft shows. After attending the Tuscon Gem Show, it is amazing that any jewelry is handmade by the artist. There must be a zillion companies making jewelry for resale, and most of this is made in third world countries.
I have seen a customer sporting a new piece of jewelry that I know was not handmade ( in America, anyhow), and yet they just bought it from another "artist".
There are many shows where Buy & Sell vendors are desired and sought after. Great, high end importers can be found at these shows, and non-profit groups that support third world artisans. I like going to these shows from time to time myself to see a different kind of work.
I just wish those that buy for resale would stay honest, and stay out of the craft shows.

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