Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Shows this Weekend

It is a little crazy around here. I have never done two shows at the same time. I have divided the driveway in half. One show is one half of the driveway, with the appropriate vehicle, and the other show is on the other side with it's vehicle. A little crazy. I just hope when I get to the first show, I have all the right stuff!!!

The first show is Walnut Creek, which is Friday and Saturday, and then on Sunday I will be in Saratoga at the Rotary show.

There are links to maps to the right here. Hope you can make one of these shows!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Could Have Been Frozen Yogurt and One More Pound

Last night after dinner, I knew I needed to do a kilnload of glass. It had been a rough weekend so far. Friday there was a big vet bill, and an even bigger car repair bill, followed by a HUGE silver order. Good news is that the cat's OK and the car still works, but it took about 24 hours of whining and depression to recoup. So last night, I really wanted to go to the new Frozen Yogurt store and pig out, but an idea about a diet I should be on stopped me. I ate a few dark chocolate chips and went to the studio.
AND did I get rewarded!!! Every piece of glass in the kiln turned out GREAT! This doesn't happen all the time. I did two new shapes, and they are great. I am more into surface exploration with the glass, and not as interested in the sculptural aspect, so these two new shapes that take the color well are a big break through for me. Of course they will make great pendants. I should take a picture to post, but also to document a 100% on a kilnload!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Menlo Park this Weekend

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the Menlo Park Sidwalk Art Show. I will post a link here to the right to a map of my location. I am always in front of the Wells Fargo on the corner of ?? I can't remember the name and Santa Cruz Ave. La Boulanger is on the other side of the street, if that helps. Sorry! Mapquest doesn't tell me what the street is either.

Juried Art Shows

As I talk to people at the shows, I realize there is a lot of confusion about how the shows operate. All of the shows I am in are juried shows, which means there is a promoter who chooses who is going to participate in their shows. Usually this is done by submitting photographs 4-6 months before the show. If you are selected, you are invited to participate and you pay a fee. Most shows have a jury fee, and the Sausalito Art Fair charges $50 just to apply. Needless to say, I will never apply to their show. Some shows charge a flat fee, and some shows charge a smaller flat fee, with a commission on sales (usually 10%) from the show. Usually, the artist self-reports these sales. At a few shows, such as the Saratoga Rotary, all the money from the sales are collected by them, and they take out their commission and send the artist the balance. I like this because I don't have any paperwork to do. I just get to cash a check!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

West Portal

I am leaving tomorrow afternoon for the San Francisco show that starts on Friday. The weather at this show can be brutal. It is most often cold and windy, but if there is any rain it is nasty. This weekend, it looks like it may rain a little on Friday, but hopefully not enough to call the show for the day. If it is really bad in the morning when we are supposed to set up, the promoter may cancel the show for the day, and all the artists will return on Saturday and try again. Saturday and Sunday look good, but a little cold. But I have noticed that San Franciscans will go out in the coldest weather with just a little wrap. One year, we had left home for the show, and there was about 5 feet of snow on the ground. But in the middle of the day in San Francisco, I was almost in tears because of the cold. And just then, a beautifully dressed red head walks by in her pumps and little silky throw, and I was completely impressed. Time to woman-up!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

2011 Rings

Well here is the first ring I have sold this year. I did do rings several years ago, and I may do some of that style again, but I am really having fun playing with the silver. What a time to play with silver. The cost of silver has tripled in the past year or so. But, I feel like doing it, so what else can I do?? This is a large ring, as you can tell, with a glass cabacon. I entertained the thought of keeping it, since it is so unusual, but of course that thought went away. A long time customer bought this, and it fit her perfectly, so I guess I really made it for her!!

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