Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Capitola Art & Wine Festival this Weekend

I am of course behind on this blog, that is much less a blog now and  mostly my show schedule. But that is life. If I ever do think I have something interesting to say, at least I still have a place here to say it. What should be the most interesting thing about me is my work. I'll be at the Capitola Art and Wine Festival this weekend with  my work, so I hope you will come on over!
Capitola is such a great California beach town, and the show gets a great crowd. It is a true wine tasting show as well, not just a show where you can buy wine and walk around in public drinking it, even though that is a lot of fun. There are many wineries here and they offer a great selection of their wines for tasting. AND you get to walk around drinking. AND looking at lots of great art and fine craft.
This weekend, Saturday and Sunday Sept. 14 & 15, 2013. Parking is always a problem. There is a shuttle from the Capitola Mall, and that would be the easiest.

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I love the stones and pearls, and the magic that happens when I combine them, and then again combined with the glass I make. You can find me at an Art show somewhere in Northern California most weekends during the spring and summer. Email me at if you like.