Tuesday, June 19, 2018

OOPS I Forgot This Detail

Forgot I wanted to mention the great Farmers Market on Sunday morning in Montclair Village. LOVE it. Fresh oysters if you are into that.

Welcome Summer!

     Here is June. OMG do I say this every season? It just seems to go so fast.
      I went to NYC in May for Gramma Duty, and it was so great to get real family time. Grammahood was great, but the NYC subways certainly defeated me. I had a really difficult time keeping up with all the walking, and walking, and then walking and thinking. The two combined was really a challenge. At my sleepy quiet home, my only responsibility is the tending to and caring for multiple  cats. The sheer magnitude of noise, people and unfamiliar surroundings was absolutely daunting.
     But I survived. I didn't lose the grandchild, which was my number one priority. I came home exhausted but happy, and went back to they gym. The handwriting was all over the walls-- of the subway! Use it or lose it.
     So I hope to see you in Oakland this weekend, or in Tahoe next weekend. Summer is here!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Saratoga Rotary - New Booth Location

So this is going to be crazy. I don't even know where my new booth is on the West Valley College campus for this weekend's annual Saratoga Rotary Art Show.

Here are two maps that I hope will assist me ( and you ) in finding my booth.
In the first photo, almost dead center is a small  pink half circle, shaped like an eye,  that looks like it has black eyeliner on it. That is where I think my booth is. Good luck to us all.
I hope to see you. I hope I get there !

On this map you can clearly see the parking lots, and the North Walk. I should be along the middle horizontal walkway down from the N. Walk.
It seems the food trucks are around me somewhere.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

2018- Spring is almost here

Its March!
 It's almost spring, and even though I am in sunny California, spring is always welcome. My usual start to spring is the Belmont Arts and Crafts show, which is a very small show in the Carlemont Shopping Center in Belmont California.
This year is supposed to be cold, and possibly rainy, but it will be so nice to get out and about again.
As much as I would like to be telling you about all the exciting experiments I did on my "winter vacation", I must report truthfully that I didn't do too much. Most of December is taken up with physically resting from the show season, and participating in the Holidays as much as my depleted energy will allow.
I went on  my annual pilgrimage to the Tucson Gem Show to restock my dwindling supply of unusual, or unusually beautiful jewelry components. I did some annual studio cleaning, and I created some new designs, and did some thinking about future designs.
Most of the winter I experienced a lot of grief related down time, and I have come to understand that I am pretty helpless when I am in it's grip. It feels like depression, but it's not really depression. It feels like lethargy, but not exactly the same. It feels like I can't get anything done, and that is the bottom line. One day I'll have a semi-normal day and I can cross items off the list. Lots of days I forget to do a list, and lots of days I lose the list anyhow. I am however much more functional than last year. I look back on last year and wonder how on earth I made it through. I must say a sincere thank you to all of you who patiently and kindly showed up and persevered with me at a show or two when I was completely overwhelmed. I made a lot of mistakes, but as I have always been fond of saying, thank the Goddess I am not a brain surgeon!
Hope to see you at an art show near you this year!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This weekend is the annual Crocker Holiday Craft show in Sacramento. The Crocker is a respected art museum in Sacramento, and this show benefits the museum. It is NOT however at the museum - it is at the Scottish Rite Center off of J Street. Very Googleable.
Here is a video I shot in Orinda after the show, so it is a good preview of some of the pieces I will have at Sacramento.
AND - since I have never worked with videos before, I am not sure if I have to post this first - then see if it works? It looks good now, but who knows if it will work?
So sorry to waste your time if it didn't. But lots of fun if it did!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Orinda Holiday Bazaar is Next Saturday Nov. 18

Here is a new piece for the Orinda Holiday Bazaar 2017. I was hoping it would enlarge so you could see the rich color of the Buffalo Horn Beands, that runs from a taupe, black to creamy beiges and a little bit of ochre.

I have done this Orinda Bazaar for ...EVER.. and it is fun every year. One day only, and I am in the very front entrance of the Orinda Rec Center. Hope you can make it!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Saratoga Map below - Shell Neckpiece - Detail

Here is a little better look at the shell necklace. AMAZING!
I am booth number 562- facing North College Ave

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