Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Could Have Been Frozen Yogurt and One More Pound

Last night after dinner, I knew I needed to do a kilnload of glass. It had been a rough weekend so far. Friday there was a big vet bill, and an even bigger car repair bill, followed by a HUGE silver order. Good news is that the cat's OK and the car still works, but it took about 24 hours of whining and depression to recoup. So last night, I really wanted to go to the new Frozen Yogurt store and pig out, but an idea about a diet I should be on stopped me. I ate a few dark chocolate chips and went to the studio.
AND did I get rewarded!!! Every piece of glass in the kiln turned out GREAT! This doesn't happen all the time. I did two new shapes, and they are great. I am more into surface exploration with the glass, and not as interested in the sculptural aspect, so these two new shapes that take the color well are a big break through for me. Of course they will make great pendants. I should take a picture to post, but also to document a 100% on a kilnload!!

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