Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Global Warming Makes Artist Move Away From Coveted Location

     Sorry about the headline. I am feeling a little dramatic right now.
     This has not been a FUN year for weather. Doing business outside is a precarious thing anyhow, but this year has been difficult. While not as hot as other years, the wind has finally wore me down. Seriously. I give. And I have given.... many damaged pieces to the Wind Goddess this year, and I am done donating to her.
  This coming weekend in Montclair Village I have asked to be moved from a premium corner booth location  to avoid the wind. Pretty drastic, really, if you have any idea of how hard it is to relinquish that spot. But that is the way it is, and I will happily be located on Mountain Blvd. just a stone's throw away from that nasty corner. No more relentless sunshine, no more Chicken Roti truck rumbling in my ear during the Farmer's Market, and hopefully no more donations to the Goddess.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Manhattan Sea Shells

     I don't think I blogged about my trip to NYC last May. It was mostly a fun trip, but of course there were some jewelry related tasks that I wanted to accomplish while I was there.
    One of those tasks was to seek and find a mythical jewelry supply house somewhere in the canyons of Manhattan. I took two trains to find it, and of course with my mighty Iphone maps, it wasn't too difficult to locate. The "warehouse" was 6 rooms on the second floor of a many floored building. The elevator emptied right into one of those rooms. Stepping out, it was necessary to avoid tramping all over items spilled from one of the hundreds of boxes lined up against every wall, 3 to 4 layers deep. Some rooms were messier than others but it was so amazing to see something so much messier than my own chaotic studio! It was over whelming from the first step out of the elevator.
     I searched every room, but of course I didn't see a fraction of the merchandise. There was  pearl section, but it was easy to assess that not one real pearl lived there. That was easy to pass by. There was a chain "corner" of one room, and the walkway was carpeted with pieces of chains layered a few inches thick. Of course, there wasn't a piece of sterling chain in the place.
    After hunting for hours, looking for a treasure, it came to me that I was wasting my vacation time. But I had already invested travel time, searching time, and I was empty handed. How disappointing. I kept at it for a while, but it finally became obvious that this was where all the cheap, crappy costume jewelry parts in the world came to die.
     But then  the gift of absolute clarity came, that I used QUALITY components in my work- beautiful real pearls, authentic, unusual stones, my own one of a kind glass beads. Not this crap.
      I was free now to resume my vacation.
     But I did howeve find a few treasures from this frustrating search. I found seashells in a box  overflowing with really bad beads. I had to buy something, but I have never worked with seashells before. Capitola came to mind, and I thought it would be fun to make something beachy for Capitola. So the seashells came home with me, and I am so glad  now. The two pieces I made from these shells are so beautiful, and I find them quite different from other touristy shell pieces I have noticed. I hope you think so too!

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