Sunday, July 26, 2009


It really felt like a day off today. We went to our "vacation" house ( our old house we are trying to get ready to rent) and had more fun things to paint, clean and pound. Of course the work isn't going as fast as I want it to, so I grabbed the nearest saw ( some odd hacksaw thing) and started cutting the floor trim for the laundry room. Tomorrow I will nail it up.
The laundry room was my studio when we first moved to the mountain house, and I was grateful for it. I had my soldering table and my polishing machine on the back deck, since the room wasn't big enough for all the equipment. I had my torch mounted right in front of the window, so it was great to watch the weather and make beads.

My neighbors could see my torch flaming through the window from their front porch. They moved "up country" when they were my age, and that was over 30 years ago. I would drop in for cocktail hour with them once in a while....4:30 if you didn't know....and their signature drink became my favorite drink, brandy and soda with a squeeze of lime. They were very private people, and I was fortunate to get a little foot in the door once in a while. They were so capable, even in their mid 80's. One time I had bottled propane they needed during a bad snow storm, and I was so happy to have something THEY needed! They were very independent.

Helen just passed, and I miss her a lot, even though we havn't been neighbors for a while. Bob isn't looking too good. He hasn't had a brandy in a while, so I know he's not feeling great. Funny timing. It's been just over a year since I had my last brandy and soda. Things change.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Connoisseurs' Marketplace This Weekend

I am leaving today so I rushed to get a few photos up. I especially like the conversion necklace in dark blue to the right. This customer liked the bracelet so much, she wanted it as a necklace. I get some of my best ideas from my customers!!!
So I did a lot of new bracelets, in case anyone else wants to "convert" a necklace, that is.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mapquest Change??

So did Mapquest change something or am I just too fried to copy the map link like I have been doing for the past year???
So no link to the map......
My space at Menlo Park this weekend is facing south on Santa Cruz Ave, just west of Starbucks that is on the corner of Curtis. I can see Starbucks from my booth, I think!! It is closer to El Camino than my usual spot at the sidewalk shows.
I also was wondering why I was getting more work done than usual....and then, I remembered that I FORGOT to mail out the postcards! So a few people will get one tomorrow.
I would like to think I will post some new photos of new work but.....?????

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TOO Hot to Work

I guess today is like a snow reverse. I am taking this evening off due to extreme heat!!
I was going to do a kilnload this evening after it cooled down, but it is still just too hot. The kiln is outside the studio, so it doesn't contribute to the heat inside. The reason I don't do glass in the day is that I can't run the kiln and the air conditioner at the same time (fuse problem ) so I wait until it cools off in the evening, and fire up the torch. Not tonight.
I am going to try an experiment....perhaps I can do glass in the early a.m. before it gets too hot. Tomorrow I am going to start the kiln around 6:30a. This will be interesting, since I usually can't walk until 7a, after 3 cups of coffee. Does this count as getting out of my comfort zone?

Monday, July 13, 2009

The hair dryer that kills.... Read on...

Great show in Los Altos! The weather cooperated, and it was only a smidgen hot in the middle of the day. Great crowds! I wish I could have tried some of the fair type of food....I just couldn't get out of the booth long enough.

A "Fun Girl" come on Sunday to the show to replace her Macha chain and pendant destroyed in a house fire that completely burned down her home in the San Jose area. Her daughter got out safely, so it could have been a lot worse.She is now in the arduous process of rebuilding, and I thought it was important that everyone benefit from her loss. Her fire was caused by a hair dryer that was left plugged into the wall. The attending fire captain said that hairdryers, irons, toasters and toaster ovens left plugged in (albeit turned off) are the main causes of these types of devastating fires. I got home today, and unplugged the toaster.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Los Altos Art & Wine This Weekend - July 11 & 12

This is a great piece I will have in Los Altos that is all natural faceted stones.
My booth is #650 on Main Street...south side....east of 3rd.
Gotta Run!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wrong Date on my Postcard

Zing..ging along too fast. The date on my postcard for the Menlo Park Show is wrong...The correct dates are July 18 & 19. Sorry.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Northstar Booth Location

I just learned my booth will be located in the roller rink at Northstar. I will try to post a new picture of work for this show, but time is short. We leave...UGH.....tomorrow?? O say it isn't so.

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