Tuesday, March 31, 2009

San Francisco, West Portal Neighborhood Show this Weekend

It looks like the weather will be great this coming weekend for the West Portal show. One year the weather here was so cold, I actually cried.

This show is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My booth is in front of Starbucks. Click on the maplink to the right if you need directions.

I need to get to the studio!!! If I get a good photo, I will post some new pieces I have done for this show, so check back in a day or so.

Hope to see you!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Done for the Day

My work day was shortened today. I picked up the wrong rod of glass, and I have two cute little blisters on my "bead" fingers. This feels like a "snow" day, which is what it was called years ago back east when school was canceled due to snow. Burn Day sounds a little funny....... not funny ha ha either.
So my show in Belmont will be shy a few pieces I had intended to bring. Ah well.
Keep calm and carry on.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carlemont Shopping Center Show

Next weekend I will be in Belmont at the Carlemont Shopping Center at Ralston and Alameda des las Pulgas. My booth is usually close to Ralston, by the pharmacy, but I could be moved. It is a small show, but good artists show up for it . There aren't many shows to do in March!
Belmont is a great little town, and I have been doing this little show for years. The shopping center is a hub of activity, and the walkways are completely covered, so if it rains, there is a roof over our heads!!! It can be cold there, of course, so I have a little propane heater I bring. I think I will go dig it out of storage right now!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tax Time with Electricity

For the past 7 or 8 years, I would do my taxes when the power when out at our old "mountain" home. This was an extremely reliable method, since any big snow would cause the power to go out for one, two or even three days. Stories said one year it was out for over a week when trees were down over the roads, and the crews had to clear the trees before they could get in to fix the lines.
One year, we had many early power outages in January, so my taxes were done by the end of February. I would set up lanterns, LED little lights, and a candle or two, and do the taxes on our large coffee table in front of a blazing fireplace that kept water hot for coffee, tea and soup.
Obviously, I didn't do them online.
This year, I am racing to do them at the last minute. Somehow, without the snow and darkness to prompt me, I just didn't "get" that taxes still had to be done. So this is what I will be doing in the jewelry world for the next many days.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Visualizing Rain

I did some gardening ( weeding really) yesterday, so I am ready to get back in the studio.
I am just visualizing that our much needed April rains will come during the week. I have three outdoor shows on the weekends in April, and since we need the rain so badly, I am just seeing lots of rain during the week.
It seems there is always a downside to self-serving wishes. What about all of the commuters during the week that would have to battle the rains??? hummm.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Show was GOOD!

I got home last night from the San Francisco show. Saturday was packed, and the crowd was the usual artsy, educated Bay area craft and art enthusiasts. Sunday was slower and much less crowded. It was such great fun to be out in the world again, so the slowness of Sunday allowed me to really enjoy talking with people, something I don't have the time for at a lot of the shows.

The work at this show is so fabulous, I just have to force myself to stay in my booth, or I will spend more money than I make. I did buy a great little hat for the shows this year, but I didn't buy the incredible hand knit sweater coat, or the amazing little wind chime made of urchin spines, or the jewelry I admire from so many talented metalsmiths!!!! There were 100 jewelers in a show of 200 artisans, so if you like art jewelry, this really was the show to go to!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Work

At right are several of my new things for the San Francisco show this coming weekend. If you go to the show's website, you can print out 2 free tickets. I am located in booth F214, about in the middle, along the left wall.
I have more new stuff than this, but you will have to come to see it!!! Many of you will be happy that I found the pearls for the earrings at the bottom, after a few years of not having them. They are a great "go-to" pair of earrings, perfect for almost every occasion. They will also be available in 14 kt. gold this year for the first time. I will have other smatterings of gold vermeil here and there as well.


This beautiful beautiful day is such a distraction!! Yesterday I spent 3 hours digging in the dirt, and it was just fantastic! I haven't had a garden for....12 years?? So I forgot how much I love the dirt.

Another distraction I didn't need, so I am trying to reframe this. I used to pretend that making jewelry was my hobby, and selling it was my livelihood. I think I will move gardening into the hobby position, jewelry into the avocation position, and hope I still have a livelihood!!! New pictures coming...soon.

San Francisco show at Fort Mason is next weekend. I want to soak up this sun, since going to San Francisco can be like going to Antarctica.

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