Thursday, October 9, 2014

San Carlos Art & Wine Festival

     My last post I talked about, the work of this work. Here is the good news...

     San Carlos is a very loved town, and a very loved art festival. There is something for everyone here, Crafty Cathies, and fine artists as well. There is fair food, and I think there is music somewhere, and thank the Goddess I don't know where it is.  Music at an art fair is best appreciated from a great distance. I don't get to leave my booth much, so if there is more I apologize for not knowing.

   But more people  mention San Carlos as their favorite art fair than any others, when I ask. It seems to be a real Home Town, and people know that and love that about San Carlos. So this is their Home Town fair.

     I have been feeling like a tire that got punctured last July, and there has been a malicious, slow leak ever since. I am  hoping to patch up that hole after San Carlos.

     This is supposed to be the good news, so blow me a kiss if you see me at San Carlos. I need the air.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Big Mistakes

    I may have made a BIG mistake by writing about all the mistakes I make. Perhaps now they are just coming to the forefront of  my consciousness more often.
   I made several BIG mistakes in Menlo Park last weekend. It was hot, that is the truth. And the three day shows are just getting harder to do. That is the truth.
   All the new credit card processing is great, but only when they work. One day they work, the next day they don't. I had one that worked in the morning, but not afternoon. So in the meantime I am scrambling to process credit cards. When one finally went through, I failed to complete the process, which of course I didn't notice until the customer had left. That could be $149 lost.  I would llike to blame my faulty addition on the malfunctioning credit card thingy too, if possible. I undercharged another customer by $100.
   It will be hot again this weekend at the San Carlos Art & Wine Show, but it is only a two day show, so maybe my brain will stay charged through the entire show. I have no control over these credit card things!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


     Here is my latest Brachiopod piece. I started using these 300-500 million year old fossils last year when I found them at the Tucson Gem Show. I have been shopping for stones and pearls for 20 years, and I had never encountered these beautiful fossils before.  I certainly loved them then, and I love them more now. The rusty grey earth tones of the stone these ancient bi-valve mollusks have become is so beautiful, along with the perfect seashell shape.  I now have a hard time parting with them, since I couldn't find any more like them this year at the Gem Show.
    So I am really hording my stash of brachiopods, but when I saw this one with the peachy, grey and white moonstone, I knew I had to let it go. This is a more diminutive piece, with the small ( for my work ) moonstones holding up the rusty toned brachiopod that is about 1 3/4" long. The length of the necklace is 18" at the shortest, but I always feature a built-in extender so you can make it 2" longer.

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