Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Social Media Consultant?

     It was kind of funny at West Portal when a young woman approached my booth and asked if I was doing photos for instagram.
   Hardly. Who does instagram that is over 30 years old? No one I know anyhow.
She was a social media consultant, and I think that means she just graduated from college and is looking for a real job. She was darling though.
So I told her the only thing I did right concerning social media was a rule I created for myself....

NO BITCHING on social media.

    Of course, I just mean no "business" bitching on social media. I still feel OK about bitching on my personal facebook!
     So of course I want to bitch about starting early today on my newsletter, then losing all my newsletter photos and starting all over again, losing my headstart. So here I am blogging late, frantically working to get my newsletter out on time, and my HUSBANDS newsletter, then getting to work in the studio!
     So thanks for letting me bitch. I promise  to remember my no bitch rule in the future.

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