Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Montclair Village Sidewalk Art Show
June 28-30
This weekend I'll be in the Oakland Hills in Montclair Village. This is a nice small show on the sidewalks of this great little enclave neighborhood in the Oakland Hills.
On Sunday morning there is a fabulous Farmers Market right behind me on La Salle. I look forward to the oyster bar, and other amazing food offerings there.
Oh yes, my booth is at the corner of Mountain Blvd. and La Salle. There is a bank right in front of me. The artists are on the sidewalks at this show, so traffic is as it always is. Parking is a problem, but up the hill from my booth on La Salle is a parking garage.
I am thinking of putting up a drive through window here behind me. You could drive buy.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Danville This Weekend- June 22-23
I'll be in Danville at the Danville Fine Art Fair, Saturday and Sunday. Booth 350.
Gotta go make stuff!

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