Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Kings Mountain Art Fair this Labor Day Weekend

I can't believe it is September already. I would like to write about my summer vacation, but since all I really did was organize my laundry room, I am a little short on enthusiasm.
I am very enthusiastic about the upcoming Kings Mountain Art Show in Woodside this weekend. It is in the redwoods at the top of Skyline Drive in Woodside, off of Highway 92 as you are heading over to Half Moon Bay from the bay area. Turn left at the top of the hill!!! I will post a map to the location.
This show is a fundraiser for the volunteer fire house there, and it is one of the highest quality shows I do in California. All the community pulls together for most of the year to produce this show and it entirely done by volunteers. There will be food, and drink too, all done by volunteers to support the firehouse. And , they have the most beautiful firehouse you have ever seen!
Come early for is great!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Truckee this Weekend

Off to Tahoe for a weekend show in downtown Truckee. On the way, we will stop at Ikeda's ( not Ikea, you easterners) just north of Auburn to buy a whole fresh pie for our Truckee hosts, and some fruit for the show. I am beginning to see the value of routines, and this routine is comforting. They also have fresh tofu in a bin of water. This is the only place east of the California coast that I have seen this, but it is hard to take plain tofu to a show so I will bypass this delicacy.
Then I have two weekends off in a row!! Holy Moly. What a glorious thng.

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