Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Spring

I got home from San Francisco on Monday afternoon, and as I drove up our driveway, the landscape had changed since I left on Thursday. The trees were budding then, and when I got home there were leaves everywhere! There are two large oak trees in front of my studio, and the change from bare limbs tinged with pale green, to large masses of solid, opaque green was truly amazing. I feel like I am experiencing spring for the first time in my life, even though that is surely not the absolute truth. Our mountain home didn't show a lot of seasonal differences, except of course when there was snow. Here, there are things coming out of the dirt, our front yard went from a dirt field to....well, not grass exactly, but very very green stuff that needs mowed. Bushes that looked dead when we moved in now are almost in bloom!!! It is amazing.
The West Portal show kicked my butt, or I would have been out in this glory doing some weed whacking. Instead, I have been wandering around the house in a daze. Not today!!!

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