Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doing My Part

In San Franciso in March, one of my customers remarked that she was buying whatever she liked. Her rationale was, if people with a job don't spend money, what will happen???
I took this to heart when I was back in San Francisco last weekend. I noticed that a. I was working, and b. I do have a job. Therefore, it was my DUTY to buy these handmade SHOES!!! Aren't they just fantastic???? (pictured at bottom of page)
The handmade shoe people were new to the art shows, and I had never seen their work before. I wish I had taken more photos to post here, but I must remember, this is a jewelry site. I absolutely love them!!!! The shoe makers had pumps, flats, pointy toes, flashy straps.... you name it. But these fit me perfectly, and I may be able to wear them for a few hours at some of the shows, if I can stand to scratch up the bottoms!

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