Thursday, October 9, 2014

San Carlos Art & Wine Festival

     My last post I talked about, the work of this work. Here is the good news...

     San Carlos is a very loved town, and a very loved art festival. There is something for everyone here, Crafty Cathies, and fine artists as well. There is fair food, and I think there is music somewhere, and thank the Goddess I don't know where it is.  Music at an art fair is best appreciated from a great distance. I don't get to leave my booth much, so if there is more I apologize for not knowing.

   But more people  mention San Carlos as their favorite art fair than any others, when I ask. It seems to be a real Home Town, and people know that and love that about San Carlos. So this is their Home Town fair.

     I have been feeling like a tire that got punctured last July, and there has been a malicious, slow leak ever since. I am  hoping to patch up that hole after San Carlos.

     This is supposed to be the good news, so blow me a kiss if you see me at San Carlos. I need the air.

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