Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A New First

This is just an interesting tidbit, perhaps more interesting to me than to you. I met THREE husbands of long-time customers at one show! I just don't meet that many husbands, and believe me, I have a husband, and I know all too well why I don't meet them. Most guys just are just not the "hang out a jewelry booth '' type. One of these husbands seemed unhappy to find himself at an art show. He was just there for the pizza! It looked like the other two were doing a "hang with the wife" day, even though one couple were hanging at the same show, but not together. This would be the way my husband and I would hang out at an art show.

Some husbands are actually helpful when their wives are shopping at my booth. This may come as a shock to those of you whose husbands would rather lick poison postage stamps than shop, but there are a few who shop well, and an even smaller number who have a good eye for what looks good on their wife! Once I met a man who picked out all of his wife's jewelry because he had a better eye for what looked best on her. I think he was an architect, or some other visual occupation. That has never happened again!!!

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