Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TOO Hot to Work

I guess today is like a snow day...in reverse. I am taking this evening off due to extreme heat!!
I was going to do a kilnload this evening after it cooled down, but it is still just too hot. The kiln is outside the studio, so it doesn't contribute to the heat inside. The reason I don't do glass in the day is that I can't run the kiln and the air conditioner at the same time (fuse problem ) so I wait until it cools off in the evening, and fire up the torch. Not tonight.
I am going to try an experiment....perhaps I can do glass in the early a.m. before it gets too hot. Tomorrow I am going to start the kiln around 6:30a. This will be interesting, since I usually can't walk until 7a, after 3 cups of coffee. Does this count as getting out of my comfort zone?

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