Monday, July 13, 2009

The hair dryer that kills.... Read on...

Great show in Los Altos! The weather cooperated, and it was only a smidgen hot in the middle of the day. Great crowds! I wish I could have tried some of the fair type of food....I just couldn't get out of the booth long enough.

A "Fun Girl" come on Sunday to the show to replace her Macha chain and pendant destroyed in a house fire that completely burned down her home in the San Jose area. Her daughter got out safely, so it could have been a lot worse.She is now in the arduous process of rebuilding, and I thought it was important that everyone benefit from her loss. Her fire was caused by a hair dryer that was left plugged into the wall. The attending fire captain said that hairdryers, irons, toasters and toaster ovens left plugged in (albeit turned off) are the main causes of these types of devastating fires. I got home today, and unplugged the toaster.

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