Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Vacation House

I am pretending I have a vacation house, since I am spending my vacation at my old house, cleaning, painting, fixing, waiting for workmen to show know the drill. I am EXHAUSTED in a physical way that I don't even feel after the shows. Cleaning grime is really not fun. Maybe it is mental as well, since I don't really want to be doing this.

I thought of all my customers who have big commutes back and forth to work. I drove an hour each way to the house, several days this week. Today, after cleaning dirt all day, the drive back was so relaxing!! It was so good to just sit! That hour went quickly.
My "work" commute is so different from the daily grind of regular jobs. I commute to the shows, and they are usually 2-3 hours away, but it isn't the same as spending hours on the road everyday. So now, I have a new perspective on my career commute.

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