Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Ability Curve

I finally made it back to the torch, and the result is some pretty bad beads.

A very good watercolorist I know ( no, not my husband) has taken some time off from his art to remodel his house, yet he complained to me that he missed painting. However, after the passage of some remodeling time, he was reticent to go to the studio to paint, only because he knew that for a indeterminate time, he would produce crappy paintings until his skill level rose to his usual level. I have a new term for this phenomena...the Ability Curve.

This is a phenomena I have recognized and experienced......that a skill unpracticed for an amount of time, will need to be practiced in a length of time relative to the fallow time, before good work is again produced. I wonder if anyone else has named this phenomena? It is extremely irritating, just as the learning curve is.

I am going out to the studio to look at my crappy beads, and record the lost hours.

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