Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Step Two Challenge

I have been making glass beads like crazy. As many years as I have been doing this, it still amazes me that when I absolutely must have exactly 'this' bead, I can't make it work. In the perfect world, I would 1) make a list of what I want at the next show 2) sit down and make the glass 3) marry with the stones/pearls/whatever/ and make jewelry. It is step 2 that doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes, I get great new glass designs because what I was trying to do didn't work out as planned, thus, a "happy accident". Lots of times, I just get mediocre glass.
I have been trying new kinds of glass in an effort to elimate a major problem ( as I see it ) in one of my heart designs. So far, no luck. No happy accidents either.
I'm going to check the kiln and see what I got this morning. I am leaving on Friday morning for Kings Mt., so my fingers are crossed.

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