Saturday, August 2, 2008

August Already!

I just can't believe it is August already. I am busy making glass to catch up with the time I lost in July due to smoke and heat. Yesterday, I used both kilns in a way I never had.....I thought I would blow a fuse, but it worked OK. So my production will go a little faster.

There is a BIG Art Glass conference in Oakland next weekend, and I am hoping I can go for a day or two. It is a yearly event, and the locations are across the country, east coast one year, and this is the year for the west coast. Of course, for me, the timing couldn't be worse. We may be moving to a new house ( escrow is taking forever) and then we need to move two studios, and the house. THEN be ready to do some shows. Whew. Better get to work!

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