Thursday, June 26, 2008

Montclair Gift with Purchase

I spent all my time posting the new earrings I made from the crusty bead bouquet pictured several photos down on the right, so I don't have the mail list special gift for Montclair finished yet. The beads are done, but I need to wire them up.
We are leaving in two hours and I have much to pack, so I think I will be finishing them in the car on the way down to Oakland!!!
Keychains, similiar to the ones several photos down on the right, but some will be hearts, and some dots.
The first TWO CUSTOMERS each day that tell me they read this email will get the keychain! A $45 value or around there somewhere, since I don't sell them. They roll over to Sunday, so if nobody asks on Friday or Saturday, I will have 6 for Sunday!!

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