Monday, June 23, 2008

I cancelled Danville

I actually cancelled a show when I wasn't sick or anything. I overbooked shows for "insurance", if something came up, or had a bad show, I had a "back up" show. It is hard to decide which show this should be, so I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I need to alternate years at some shows. There are just too many good shows in June in Northern California.

There was a family event I wanted to attend last weekend, and normally this is NOT a valid reason to cancel a show. Imagine each show as a paycheck, and then realize you are cancelling one of perhaps 20 paychecks. The average person will get 24 paychecks a year, if they get paid twice a month. Some people get paid 52 times a year, if they get a weekly paycheck. In this business, a show is a paycheck. So cancelling a paycheck is a BIG DEAL. But I really wanted to be at this special event.

So, we drove through the California Valley on Friday, in our old Toyota with the broken air conditioner. This was still OK, but very hot. We used to live in Arizona, so it brought back memories.

We also used to live on Highway One, 20 miles north of Santa Cruz, So, on our way to Santa Cruz having survived the vicious heat, we went to the coast to drive south . The temperature went down 20 or more degrees, and we were back in our old neighborhood. We stopped in Pescadero for lunch, and Duartes is the place to eat. But it was a Saturday, and there was a long line to eat. In our normal life, the life of doing art shows for a living, we eat out most often when we are on the road doing shows. And, we just don't wait in line at restaurants. There is no time or energy to wait in line. We just move on to the next place to get a table. This day, however, we actually waited in line at Duartes to eat. It was such a relaxing experience!! We actually had time to wait. I said to John, "Wow! We are doing something normal!!! Some people do this all the time. Some people do this every day.!"
It was a great weekend.

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