Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting Focused

The title of this post is certainly my big challenge right now. I just finished two shows in a row, and I need to get back into the studio. I have always found transitions difficult. After the shows, I need to rest for a few days :( before I can get back to studio work. Resting includes the paperwork, office work, answering emails, ordering supplies and phone calls that any normal business requires. To transition from this side of the brain, to the creative side is always hard for me. What do I focus on now? What is the most important thing to do? What do I need to make? Then, when I am finally get rolling along creatively in the studio, it is time to pack up and go to a show.
Now I am going to my studio. I will just pretend I know what to do...
(Except of course for all of you waiting for orders. I know I have that to do!!!)

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