Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My New Mac

I just bought a used Mac from Ebay, and I was holding my breath. When I returned home from the Walnut Creek show, there it was. I was afraid to open it. When I picked it out on Ebay, I sort of covered my eyes and clicked "buy". I was unable to make myself do any of the research one SHOULD do for this kind of purchase, so I knew I was really shooting in the dark. I liked the picture, as a matter of fact, the color in the photo made the computer look extremely pink, and that figured into my decision somewhat. That, and the fact that my PC laptop is on it's way out, and I would be left in the lurch. So I opened the outer box, and there was the original Mac box. That was comforting. I set it up ( so easy) and finally found the ON button. That was the hardest. Imagine my relief when it started, and worked!! This morning I made a quick slideshow of a few of my Chunky Monkeys. I am amazed at the features on this computer, and I look forward to learning everything it can do.

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