Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What A Bear

West Portal turned out to be a BEAR of a show. It was totally amazing that we didn't get rained on. All the weather guesses showed rain on Friday...for sure. I arrived Friday morning expecting to spend the day at the DeYoung Museum, but there was sunshine! So we set up. Cold, as always for this neighborhood and windy. Several artists has their displays blow over, and my friend's dented a car parked behind her. On Saturday I had a whole table blow over, and my glass display shattered into the street and it was an incredible mess. I was pretty shaken, even though nobody, or no thing was hurt. I had a wonderful customer there at the time who took charge and cleaned up all the glass. I do have the most wonderful customers! Thanks so much Sharon. The jewelry on that table didn't have any of my glass beads in it, so this was a true blessing. I did lose some pieces, and some will have to be taken apart to remove the scratched pearls or shattered beads. I may mark them down at the next show if they don't look too bad. I am going down now to have a look. Next weekend at Menlo Park it looks sunny and beautiful. Hold your hat just in case.

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