Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Another show day lost to the weather. This last lost day, Sunday in Sacramento, in all fairness, was really lost to cowardice on my part. Saturday at Sacramento was the worst weather I have ever shown in. It was raining at 5:45am when I looked at the window of my hotel, and it didn't stop, excepr for about 2 minutes around 5:30-pm. The wind was blowing, and two high school volunteers helped me with the weights on my booth so it didn't blow away. I must admit I was confused and disoriented most of the day. However, there were an amazing amount of Fun Girls who showed up in the pouring rain to get their Fun Girl Fix, and I am totally honored by this. Rain Bedamned.
I was wet, my booth was wet, and my mirror was wet. I stole paper toweling out of Trader Joe's bathroom to dry the mirror. I couldn't hang the mirror as usual on the edge of the canopy, so I laid it flat on the table and held it when needed. But the toweling got soaked too, so I had Wet Mirror. Then, one Brilliant Fun Girl suggested that I keep the mirror face down on the table to keep it dry.
I never was long on common sense. Hey, I already told you I was confused and disoriented!!
So when thunderstorms were predicted for Sunday, I packed up my wet self and wet things and left.
Sunday was dry as a bone, and I was gone.

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