Monday, June 20, 2011

Montclair Village This Weekend

This Friday starts the Montclair Village Summer Art Show. I have been doing this show for years, and I always look forward to it. One year, it was so hot that even the hotels in the area had to reduce their power use. One year it was so cold, I had to borrow a coat from the employee coat rack in nearby store. And I learned a few weeks ago to NEVER trust the weather report, so it will be interesting to see what finally ends up in the suitcase.
The artists are on the sidewalks of this Oakland neighborhood, so the traffic isn't diverted. Parking is always an issue here. I am on the corner of La Salle and Mountain Blvd,. and up La Salle from me is a parking garage. I havn't noticed if there are signs to the parking garage, but I would have to imagine there are.
There is a small Israeli deli that closes on Friday at 3pm for Sabbath, and they don't open until Sunday afternoon. I usually end up getting there only once during the show, since I forget this little detail, but this year I am Awake and Aware, ready for the great felafels, hummus and salads.
Hope you can make it. There is a link to a map of my location to your left.

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