Thursday, March 25, 2010

Equipment Problems

So I am working away in the studio trying to get ready for the Belmont show, and I have a tumbler ( jewelry cleaning equipment) full of stuff. This is the same tumbler that I have used for years, the same one that I am bringing to Belmont to clean jewelry on the spot!! It usually works like a dream,except yesterday. Everything I threw in , came out GREY. It is supposed to come out shiny bright silver! And I got dull dull grey. Well, I just had to laugh. OF COURSE it would only happen after I emailed 600 people to bring their jewelry to Belmont so I could clean it!!!! Gotta love it.
I worked with it a while, tried a few things to see what could possibly be the problem. I still don't know what happen, but when I closed up the studio last night, things were looking brighter, literally. Let's see what it looks like today!

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