Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goodbye November

I can't believe I am in bed writing this posting!! My stepdaughters were at our new house for the weekend, and they discovered my house can pick up the internet ...wifi I believe it is called...not plugged into the wall is what I call it, and damn miraculous!! I am just blown away. So I can lay in bed and write my blog. Wasn't there a famous author who never got out of bed???
The Davis Art Center Holiday show is coming up this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so it is time to get ALL my pistons firing. AND, the St. Pius Holiday Bazaar in Redwood City is next Sunday as well, so my husband John will be at Davis on Sunday, and I will go to Redwood City for the one day show. Please know that he isn't a very big help with the jewelry, so it will me mostly self-serve when he is there. He does know how to write up a sale, but you can't be in a hurry, I hate to say. But it know it will all work. I committed to the Redwood City show before I knew if I was accepted into the Davis show, so there you go. It will all work out.

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