Saturday, September 6, 2008

New House

I don't know if I have written about the house here. I think I may have mentioned the escrow, which seemed to go on forever, but I never mentioned we finally closed on the house. I may have a picture to upload, but it doesn't photograph well. The house sits midhill, and the half acre or so below is a big field with live oak trees....very California, yet the view and the rocks are reminisenct of Arizona, where I first took metalsmithing classes in the late 90's. The house sits on a small piece of the acre, and is surrounded by "mature" landscaping, a real estate term I learned that means big trees/and or bushes. And it is a good thing they are big, or they would have died. With no rain this year, and the house empty for 6 months, a lot of things died. I really need to thank the listing broker, who sent her son to the house to do some watering, or everything would be dead. What a nice thing to do!!
I will look for a picture now.

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