Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moving House and Studio

I am posting pretty irradically right now. Our move is scheduled for next Thursday, and we are packing, and making small trips down to the new house.
There has been hold ups with my new studio. I bought a 20' x 8' construction office trailor, and it has proved much more difficult and expensive to get it hooked up than I had ever thought, but I won't go into all those boring details now. Let me say, that I decided to do it "legally", so all the codes have to be met, and we need to burrow under a lot of BOULDERS to meet the electrical codes. So that is where I am at.
I am going to live in the old house with my old studio until the new one is up and going. John, and the furniture will all move to the new house. This will be strange, but I can't move until I have a place to work.
I have some orders shipping tomorrow. If you are waiting on something, it will go out tomorrow!!!

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