Friday, July 11, 2008

Please Don't Bring Your American Express Card

I just have to whine for a minute. Whine Therapy.
I may quit taking American Express. I have spent most of this morning trying to justify my credit card reports. There are deposits, and credits, and fees, and I try to track them. This is, of course for me, difficult. On top of this, the credit card software generated report has one total for each "batch", but American Express has it's own figures within each batch, so the totals on the afore mentioned deposts, credits and fees don't match up.
So besides being the most expensive, American Express takes all this additional bookkeeping time. Wow. This is the truly ugly side of doing what you love for a living.
Please don't bring your American Express Card.
I will post something fun later to make up for this. I think it will be too hot today to make glass.

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