Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun Thing

I have a great story from a San Francisco show. It had been a really fun show, my first in the spring season, and the weather in San Francisco had been record-breaking sun and warmth.
It has been so cold there on previous shows that I almost cried! So it was a really great experience.
On the last day of the show, a woman walked by with this incredible orange-squash color purse. I swooned over it, and we proceeded to do some purse talk for a few minutes.....why she loved this bag, and so forth . ( It's true, white interior helps you find things easier!)
She started pick up a necklace and I encouraged her to try it on, and she backed off quickly, explaining that she was a compulsive shopper, currently in therapy to overcome this problem. I stammered a bit, told her I understood, and stopped any encouragement, and she went on her way.
A few hours later, I saw her coming up fast to my booth, and swinging the orange bag.
"Here" she said rather breathlessly, " take it. I want you to have it."
I hesistated, but she gave it to me and said, "It's part of my therapy".
I was stunned. My brain started to think about what I could give her, but then it instantly became clear that my job was to be the receiver at this point, so I took the bag and thanked her.
It took a few weeks for me to carry the bag. I had several shows in a row, a major death in the family, and life got hectic. Then I remembered the story, and remembered how much fun I had had at that show. So I started to carry the bag, as a reminder of just how much fun my job is, thanks to the wonderful people I get to meet.
It is getting pretty dirty right now. A woman stopped me in a restaurant last night, admiring my bag. I FROZE........ should I pass it on???? Is it my turn to let go?
Naahh. I'm going to clean it up today.

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