Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally making glass

I am finally making glass again. The heat coupled with the smoke, made it too unbearable (not to say unhealthy) to fire up the torch. So I am behind, but at least I am seeing molten glass!!
I will be in Downtown Truckee this weekend , July 26 & 27, at a new show. Truckee is a pretty artsy community north of Lake Tahoe, about 30 minutes west of Reno. This is the first year for this show, and I hope the community is supportive. We'll see.
The second Lake Tahoe show at Homewood I usually do that weekend was cancelled, and replaced with this Truckee show. So I still get my "semi-vacation" in Tahoe. If I make anything wonderous I will post some pictures before I go. Jury duty this coming Wednesday may end this possibility.

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