Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bloggus Interuptus

Well I have just experienced my first "life interrups blog." I spent several days in the San Francisco Bay area with an elderly aunt who fell and broke her arm. She was hospitalized for several days, and because it was an arm break, they wouldn't send her to a nursing home for care. So we arranged for 24 hour caretakers in the assisted living home she had been in for several years. This arrangement wasn't permanent, however, and we finally found a placement for her in Sacramento. This was a difficult journey that involved a two night stay at our house in the mountains. It was so sweet and sour to have her here with us, but an incredible amount of work. I tried to do some jewelry while she was here, but she really needed a lot of attention. I think I got a few pieces laid out, but not a lot more. I fantasized about 'keeping' her, but we don't even have enough room for her to walk around, let alone our need to work.

She made it two days in her new assissted living, and she fell and broke her hip. At 98, this could be the end. I feel so incredibly sad for her. Surgery may happen today. I will keep you posted, as this is all I can think about right now.

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