Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anthropology Inspiration

     If I were a younger woman, my dream job would be to work for Anthropology making store displays. The  creativity there just amazes me!! The whole store concept is so fabulous, but of course I am not telling you anything you don't already know.
Some of their jewelry is also fabulous, but a lot of it looks really cheap to my eye. But of course my eye is pretty picky these days. Perhaps the plastic look is hot right now, but my eye just doesn't appreciate it.
     I have done several new pieces that have been inspired by Anthropology's generous and ingenius
combinations of colors, so I am posting them here for you to decide! They are very color specific, just like I find Antro to be.
All three of these are one of kind. The two that are similar are stick (biwa?) pearls that I have been saving for years. The color combos are just delicious.
     The longer of the four, pictured to the left,  features an apricot pearl, called a "reborn" pearl, that I married with african turqoise, and two faceted quartz crystals.

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