Thursday, May 12, 2011

Los Altos Rotary Fine Art Show

Los Altos is this weekend, and they are predicting thunderstorms on Sunday. This could all change of course, so let's hold a postive thought. For some reason, this show always has the most unpredictable weather. It has been one of the hottest, one of the coldest, and one of the wettest I have done. I guess if we get one good day I will be happy.

My husband does this show as well, so he will be next to me with his paintings.

We are in the first half of the show, near the Sherman Street end (south end of Lincoln Park) along the freeway side. My booth number is 126. I used to be at the other end of the show, but I moved into the center. So if you are confused there is good reason. I hate to move my spot, but it helps for my husband and I to be next to each other for packing and unpacking the van. Of course this way I can also keep an eye on him, and he will watch my booth for me...for about a minute!

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