Monday, January 31, 2011

Going to Tucson

Here are two more rings I have made. You can't see the front of the ring in my is a pearl...but I wanted you to see the textured metal on the back of the ring. I really like it!! The ring on the stand is my glass bead cabochon set in silver.
I leave this week for my annual pilgrimage to the Tucson Gem Show. I have written about this before, but just in case, I will tell you again about how great a trip it is. I am buying stones, pearls and other "consumable" parts of my jewelry that I don't make myself.

There are a billion vendors at Tucson from all parts of the world. Half of China comes. Lots of people from India. It is very exciting. I shop for 8 hours a day, looking for the unusual, the extremely beautiful, and the great buy. This is why some of my work is so well priced....I am such a good shopper!!!

I learned a lesson in the 90's when I made my second trip to Tucson. I saw a strand of beautiful big round jasper beads; so big that they certainly weren't fashionable at the time, but the stone quality was absolutely amazing. They were a good price too, but I wasn't in the market for them . A few hours later, I saw the exact same strands in a different vendor's booth, for over three times the cost of the first!! They were so beautiful that the second vendor knew he could get a lot more money for them . I think I went back and bought them from the first vendor at that point!

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