Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sketching Trip

I don't know if all of my customers know that my husband is a landscape watercolor painter. At some shows his booth is next to mine, but I do more shows than he does, so I know some of you have never seen his work ( http://www.johnmuirreid.blogspot.com/)

So, one of the wifely duties of a painter is to encourage and support his art. So, while on a sketching trip last weekend, I was pretty much caught up in the "duty" part of the trip, and was consumed mostly with worries of locations, numbers of sketches, future paintnings, etc etc. My obsessive work related thoughts were interupped , however, when we ended up at Moss Landing, south of Santa Cruz, midway through the sketching trip. Up until there, my mind was focusing on, well, work- getting the sketches whence come paintings. We were there on the beach, quickly scanning, quickly sketching and clicking photos so we could stay on schedule. Hurrying back to the car I noticed some floating things in the lagoon, and OMG .......there floating serenely in the water were sea otters!!! A whole gaggle of sea otters lounging and playing! It was so breathtaking , and I remembered one of the big reasons I love California is this incredibly accessible wildlife. Then of course we saw the sea lions, always a joyful moment for me, and I was able to relax and look forward the journey of this day, and not focus on the "work". What a great moment!!

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