Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oakland - The Crucible Holiday Gifty Show This Weekend

The Davis Art Center show last weekend was a really fun time. I spend more money at that show than any other one! I got a new ( handcrafted of course) hat, and I had to limit myself to one, since there were THREE that I really loved! And of course, the candy......
On to Oakland this weekend, where I will be at The Crucible's Holiday Gifty Show. The Crucible is a teaching non-profit facility, and they teach what I call the 'fire' arts, welding, glass blowing, lampworking, etc. It is a huge building in East Oakland. I will need to add a link with a map, or at least a link to the Crucible's website. There will be about 60 artists here, and if you don't feel like driving across the Bay Bridge in the rain, you can stay in the east bay and still do your holiday shopping. I hear it will be cold in this building, since it is so big, and probably well ventilated, so bundle up!

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