Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting Ready for Reno

I am bringing my silver earring/bracelets to Reno. I havn't had them at a show in a few years, mostly because I just couldn't keep everything stocked the way it needed to be, with the glass necklaces, pendants and stones and pearls. Now it is time! I am going to put them on Etsy in a few weeks, so they can be purchased there. A lot of my newer customers have never seen my silver!!!

I leave for Reno on Wednesday, as there is a fashion show on Thursday night, the preview night with food and wine. No wine for me of course. I drank up my life time allotment already.
I am working on restocking earrings sold at Saint Marys. The Mom's that put on the St. Mary's show really do a great job. Everything went like clockwork. Good job! I took my husband to the emergency room for a sprained ankle, so there will be a little less new earrings than I would like!

It is always fun to see my regulars at the shows and catch up with what's going on in their lives if there is the time to do that.

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