Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About Time

It is about time I posted something. January was gone in a flash of computer problems that left me blogless, and lots of messy little things that interfere with my best intentions.
Tomorrow however, I leave for Tucson to buy all the wonderful little delights that I shall turn into jewelry for you, fun girl!! I have a list, and am checking it twice.
The weather should be beautiful! I am packing my summer clothes, sunscreen and a hat, so I can pretend that I am on vacation. I will look at so many strands of beads, that I know at some point it will be too much, and then perhaps it will be time for a walk in the desert. I actually have never taken a walk in the desert when I am there, because no matter how over-stimulated I become, there is always more stones, more beads and pearls to be found.
Perhaps I can post from the road????

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