Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun in San Francisco

I got home from San Francisco yesterday, and what a great time I had! The weekend weather was perfect, and the people flocked to the Contemporary Crafts Show at Fort Mason on Saturday. Sunday was less crowded. The quality of the work was really impressive, with metalsmiths in attendance that I see regularly in the major jewelry magazines, and fantastic clothing from artisans around the country. It was a good thing I couldn't leave my booth- there was some clothing I was dying to buy!
It was wonderful to see so many familar faces. I sold a lot of my new pendants and it is great when people like my new work. I wish I had taken some pictures at the show to post! I will in the future.
I stayed in the city a few blocks from the hotel, so it was easy to walk out of the hotel to the busy San Francisco streets for dinner and drinks. I had the most amazing macaroni and cheese, with lobster no less, that I have ever tasted!!! Monday I treated myself to a cab to go to the new Barneys at Union Square, then Saks, Neimans, Bloomingdales, etc- etc. Lots of fun.
Now back to reality. I am doing my taxes and I am so happy NOW that I wasn't tempted to buy anything at Barney, Saks, Neimans, etc. etc. !!!

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