Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Word- Scatoma

I love it when I learn a new word.
At the Sacramento Arts Festival last weekend I had a FUN husband come along with his wife. He helped me out with a new word that I find  intriguing. Not only is it a new word, it is a concept that I was totally aware of, but had never actually thought about. I am sure you all will think the same thing.

The word is scatoma, and the best definition I could quickly come up with was "visual items in your world that you've seen so often that you no longer see them". I am sure if I went to the dictionary I could find a much more elegant definition, but this is my blog so I like my own description.

So in my world this helps me out a lot. I am not really a house keeper. The difference between everyone who says they hate housework, and me, is that I hate it, and so don't do it. Maybe I hate it more than most. Maybe it's because I never had children, and the thought of poisonous germs emigrating into small mouths was never a concern. Maybe it's because I never, ever wanted to be housewife, since growing up in th 60's, that is pretty much what was expected of me. Whatever, I just don't do it. I would like to tell you that I don't do it because I am self employed, and just too busy. While this is true, it isn't totally true, since I didn't do a lot of cleaning when I worked for someone else.

So "scatoma" really helps me out here. As my floors get dirtier, I really don't see it. As the refrigerator turns into a mess, I don't see that either. It is really a marvelous thing. How about a really new word : 

"scatomassy"- the messy actions of a person who is messy and doesn't see it. Used in a sentance - "She is very scatomassy and doesn't know it". 
Or, scatomatic, or scatomatossis,....I could go on and on. Now I'm going to have to go to the dictionary to see if these do exist!

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