Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Global Warming Makes Artist Move Away From Coveted Location

     Sorry about the headline. I am feeling a little dramatic right now.
     This has not been a FUN year for weather. Doing business outside is a precarious thing anyhow, but this year has been difficult. While not as hot as other years, the wind has finally wore me down. Seriously. I give. And I have given.... many damaged pieces to the Wind Goddess this year, and I am done donating to her.
  This coming weekend in Montclair Village I have asked to be moved from a premium corner booth location  to avoid the wind. Pretty drastic, really, if you have any idea of how hard it is to relinquish that spot. But that is the way it is, and I will happily be located on Mountain Blvd. just a stone's throw away from that nasty corner. No more relentless sunshine, no more Chicken Roti truck rumbling in my ear during the Farmer's Market, and hopefully no more donations to the Goddess.

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